Accuracy and Attention to Detail

Fri May 22, 08:00 - Fri May 7, 19:00



Attention to detail is usually considered a distinctive trait that you either have or don't. But with today's changing and fast-paced environment, complex tasks require accuracy and close attention to detail. Every employee needs to do what they can to reduce the impact of unintended mishaps. AstroTech has developed a webinar that will help you improve your accuracy and attention to detail by using some essential planning and attention-improving techniques. 


• Understanding the impact of accuracy and attention to detail mistakes

• Understand why and when mistakes happen

• Three types of attention

• Psychology and its impact on attention  

• Understanding the psychology of attention

• Cognitive processes affecting attention to detail

• Techniques and methods that will assist you in concentration, focus and attention

• General tips

• Improving proof reading and errors transcribing

• Exercises to improve attention

• Improving attention to detail within a team or organisation


• Achieve awareness around the importance of care and checking

• Develop a culture of pride and accuracy within your team

• Learn techniques to improve accuracy and attention to detail with daily tasks

• Learn how to enhance performance with accuracy and attention

Who Should Attend:

• Finance and accounts personnel

• Sales personnel responsible for quoting

• People working with detailed tasks (Numerical Data, Addresses, emails and words)

Approx. 1 hour webinar session.

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(or 072 845 8800) should you wish to attend on an alternate day that is not listed.

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