Emotional Intelligence: The Key To Personal Excellence And Effective Leadership

Fri May 22, 08:00 - Fri May 7, 19:00



It has become increasingly apparent that people with high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are more successful in business and in their professional lives than those who just have high levels of "traditional intelligence". EQ explains why some people excel while others who appear to be of a similar calibre lag behind. EQ helps us to manage our lives and our interactions with others thereby contributing to both personal excellence and greater leadership capabilities. In order to gain insight into how you can develop your emotional intelligence and overall business performance, AstroTech offers a webinar on “Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Personal Excellence and Effective Leadership”.


• What is emotional intelligence?

• Why is EQ important in business and at work

• The importance of EQ and leadership

• Understanding the EQ model:

- Self-awareness

- Self confidence

- Self-control

- Empathy

- Motivation

- Social competency

• Deal with tension & conflict more constructively

• Access your own levels of EQ

• Creating an EQ Development plan

• Learn strategies to develop your EQ


• Improve your Workplace Effectiveness with Improved Emotional Intelligence awareness

• Use Emotional Intelligence Knowledge to become a Better Leader

• Learn how to Develop your Emotional Intelligence

• Improve your Decision Making Capabilities

• Learn how to give Honest & Candid Feedback

Who Should Attend:

• Leaders that want to improve their interaction with their teams

• All staff that have to deal with customers and/or colleagues on an on-going basis

• New Managers who wish to better prepare themselves for their new position

• Anyone wishing to develop into a leadership role

• Anyone else with an interest in Emotional Intelligence

Approx. Duration: 1h30

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