Relationships & Influence:  How To Present Like A Pro | Future Females Port Elizabeth

Tue Jun 23, 18:00 - Tue Jun 23, 20:00


Future Females Port Elizabeth has secured powerhouse PSASA speaker, South African influencer, and professional relationship expert Yoke van Dam from Y-Connect for a live coaching session on How To Present Like A Pro!

Proceeds of the event will be donated to Uviwe Child & Youth Services. It's a great event for a worthy cause. #CommunitySupport #PowerPitch #PresentationSkills #Online

Our June focus is Relationships, Influence, and Presentation! Now, more than ever, it is critical to present your business (and therefore yourself) well - especially with the explosion of everything online! You have literally become the face of your business almosts overnight - how exciting that we are living in an age where a global lockdown has actually forced many of us into the spotlight to build our brand and business in a new, sustainable way.

The future is here, and it's here to stay - how it affects us depends on how we react and adapt. The global reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business for good, and the chance of us going back to our old "normal" is a slim one. Whatever your stance is on COVID-19 (and their are a lot of opinions, we know!), we recommend that you continue to adapt quickly and equip yourself to survive and thrive in the emerging digital landscape. Case in point, you can't afford to shy away from online meetings, presentation, events, and pitches if you want to grow your business! You have to embrace your own spotlight!

Online is overtaking the world faster than ever, and while we practice physical distancing - we are actually more connected than ever before. As Future Females, we can either choose to focus on the challenges or actively embrace the array of new opportunities presented during this novel age of business unusual & sharpen our skills every chance we get! To help you do this, we've secured a powerhouse PSASA speaker, South African influencer, and professional relationship expert to coach you LIVE on How To Present Like A Pro! We look forward to bringing you a Power Hour Presentation packed with expert hacks, proven techniques, and practical pointers to equip you to level up your presentation game and build relationships + influence as easily as building...<insert whatever is easiest for you to build>...we're going with 'the perfect avo toasty' (if avo is your thing - it definitely is ours!)

Introducing our Guest Expert - Yoke van Dam!