ASOG Series: Donbass Insurgency

Sat Mar 20, 09:00 - Sun Mar 21, 15:00
Milsim Field


The Donbass Insurgency is a three-way conflict that is based off the ongoing conflict in the Donbass region of Ukraine. Russian Militia and Ukrainian Military forces wage a hybrid asymmetrical war for control of the region and its forty percent ethnic Russian population.

The third participant in the conflict is the Rosomakha Militia whose overall goal is to succeed from Ukraine and form an independent state, they wage a guerrilla conflict against both the Ukrainian and the Russian forces. Prospective players are allocated to faction on the day of the Milsim.

This is a 30-hour Milsim that takes place on a field close to the Drakensberg that has been chosen based on the similar geography and climate as experienced in the Donbass Region. Chrono graphing starts at 6am Saturday 20th March with the Milsim starting at 9am, which runs through to Sunday 21st March at 3pm.

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ASOG Series: Donbass Insurgency
Milsim Field
Unnamed Road, South Africa
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