How To Manifest Your Best Life In The Midst Of Challenging Times

Thu May 21, 17:30 - Thu May 21, 19:00


This is an event for all Women Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Trainers and Coaches!

Come and learn from Candice Van Wyk- Speaker, Investor, Entrepreneur and Business and Property Coach on how you are able to manifest your best business and personal life during challenging times.

Candice Van Wyk is also the Founder of SME Women and she is passionate about helping women move their business and personal dreams forward. Over the last few years she has had the privilege to educate 1000’s of people throughout South Africa in the areas of Business & Property. She has received national and international business accolades, and the most recent being for her business Property Pick, which was internationally awarded, as “The Most Innovative Investment Property Platform, South Africa, 2019”.

In her own words, “This topic, "How To Manifest Your Best Life In The Midst Of Challenging Times", is a topic that I am very passionate about and even in the midst of difficult times- past and present, I’ve been able to see some of my dreams manifest, through applying faith in God’s Word and the right levels of effort, creativity and consistency in actively pursuing my dreams and my goals.

Come and join us on this webinar from the comfort of your own couch or home desk, as I will be sharing with you information and tools that can help you manifest your best business and personal life in the midst of challenging times. I will also be sharing on my experiences and how I’ve been able to pursue my dreams and goals in difficult times and see them come to pass. Now is the time to dream again, Now is the time to believe in your dreams again, Now is the time to pursue your dreams! It is time! Ke Nako!”

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