Women's Health Fit Night In

Sat May 23, 09:00 - Sat May 23, 10:15


Five super upbeat 15-minute express workouts from our Next Fitness Star alumni – Renché Seyffert, Meagan Claasen, Nomawothi Bafana, Xoliswa Nkosi and Angelique van der Linde! The workouts will be back-to-back but you’ll have time to grab a water break and hear from the trainer – suited to all fitness levels and all members of the family! Join us for a fun, sweaty workout! Playlists will be provided – or you can bring your own music!

R10 of the Donation Ticket will go towards EarthChild Project. Check it out here: http://earthchildproject.org/


To reduce the risk of injury, please consult a healthcare provider before beginning this or any exercise programme. The exercises and advice presented in this live virtual event or video are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. All activities done in conjunction with or as a result of this live virtual event or video are done voluntarily and solely at your own risk.

By participating in this live virtual event or video I hereby indemnify and hold harmless in respect of any liability howsoever arising from my participation in the activity, its representatives in their personal capacities and any of the subsidiary, affiliate, its chosen venues, its clients and/or customers, its suppliers and/or agents, sponsor and/or associate/s of Media24 and Sponsors including but not limited to their directors, shareholders, servants, employees, agents, suppliers and/or any party related to and/or associated with such named parties.

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