Stuart Taylor Presents: Money's 2 Tight 2 Mention Corona Edition

Fri May 15, 21:00 - Fri May 15, 22:00


Stuart Taylor, one of South Africa’s favourite funny men, is taking the plunge! Diving into uncharted comedy territory, he’s inviting you to join him at home (online of course) or a special Corona Edition of his one-man show “Money’s 2 Tight 2 Mention”. Join Stu as he unpacks the ups & downs (more downs than ups) of money and the lack thereof during the time of corona! You’ll be laughing out loud when you realise we are ALL dodging those calls from the private numbers.

Lockdowns and Corona has us feeling the pinch...whether you’re dead broke or just rationing toilet paper for now, Stu brings the punchlines that will have us all laughing. He’s been broke before but at least he’s always used it as fodder for his shows! If you’re desperate for a laugh then Stu’s got you covered.

Join him LIVE ONLINE for a unique comedy experience.

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