8-Week Aerobic Base Building Training Program

Fri May 8, 11:00 - Sun May 31, 23:00
Online via Training Peaks(R)


Regenerate Health & Fitness Aerobic Base Building programs are catered for athletes aiming to build their aerobic base. This building phase is especially important at the moment as one is returning to running and with no races on the horizon it offer the perfect opportunity to focus on this important aspect of training. The base building phase is also necessary prior to embarking on race periods, before commencing other programs (ie: 10km, 21km ,marathon, etc), or if returning from setbacks (injury, illness, COVID-19 lockdown, etc). The program span 8 weeks and can be started anytime. For the first week the focus is on assessing current fitness levels via three fitness test sessions. There is an additional 9th week which is a duplicate of the week one tests which allows you to assess your improvements and help guide paces for future training programs or aid in potential race time predictions.

The average weekly training time required is 4h30min per week and the average km’s per week range from 30km to 45km, depending on what level you are at (ie: beginner, intermediate or advanced). Weekly seesions are between 4-6 sessions per week.

The first week of the training has three test sessions. Full instructions are provided on the program for these. The training sessions for the remainder of the program are devised around your results from the test sessions. This ensures that you train within your ability and provides the level of individualisation to ensure you obtain maximum benefit, given your current level of fitness and ability. The training program follows a polarised model which incorporates Low Intensity and High Intensity workouts that are appropriately structured, so as to not overtax the body, with distance and intensity increasing appropriately. Further the HIIT sessions are designed to target developing the aerobic system as well.

The training programs are provided via the TrainingPeaks® platform. The benefits of this are:

  1. There are no further charges required to access TrainingPeaks® (unless you opt for Premium option – there is not need for this though).
  2. Your watch (for compatible devices) can be linked with TrainingPeaks®, this enables all your training sessions to be downloaded to your watch. All you need to do is simply start the session on your watch and your watch will guide you through the specific session for that day, advising when to warm-up, cool-down, when to run, when to rest, etc and lapping automatically when each section of the training session has been completed. This allows you to purely focus on your training as opposed to worrying about when to lap, how far you have run and so forth.
  3. Additional benefits are you are able to see the sessions in advance and the time required to complete each session which will assist greatly in planning your training with your daily commitments.
  4. Sessions are colour coded according to completion – green for completed, orange for partly completed and red for not completed. This useful to see how sticking to a structured program can improve your performance
  5. Daily emails are provided each morning informing you of the required session for the day
  6. There is a communication facility within each session, whereby you can rate how you felt during the session and provide any comments as well.

Once payment confirmation has been received, Regenerate Health and Fitness will contact you and provide you with a link to TrainingPeaks® to set up your profile under Regenerate Health and Fitness Coaching.

Further details and guidelines are provided under each training program and session.


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