Petronel & Friends - A message of Hope

Sun May 31, 19:00 - Sun May 31, 20:00


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Some of my special musical/artistic friends, whom I met over the years of my career, are joining me on 31 May 2020 in a virtual show to bring a message of Hope.

I met Godfrey Johnson Live – Official Show Calendar when I was but a young singer. We recorded my second album “Déjà vu” in Darling at EVITA SE PERRON and there he was! A true, kindred spirit. We even share a page Two Pianos – One Voice for we are from different sides of the cabaret scene in SA, but it is still the same coin! What a talented, passionate artist. He made something very fun for our show with his partner “in crime” Nicholis McDiarmid, to make you laugh and feel a little better.

I met Luna Paige 20 years ago and love her and her incredible voice dearly. We travelled together with our show “Miss-Meraais” with our other partners between 2004 and 2007. She is well-known for her production house Iluminar Productions, travels internationally with her music and fellow-artists and I cannot wait to share her beautiful voice and music with you. It will bring you peace and hope!

Mccoy Mrubata Artist Page is an internationally acclaimed artist and played sax on my first album, “Lank al”. It was nominated for a South African Music Award and I remember being so charmed (and chuffed) that this huge star, so humble, saw me at the awards where he was nominated on more than one album of course, and said: “Hey Petronel, I see our album was nominated, well done!”. He is fantastic and I am very pleased that my friends can enjoy this talented musician and huge star in my show!! Thank you!

Riana Scheepers is a phenomenal writer, artist, woman, lady and her compassionate and passionate nature is evident in every word she writes. We are honored to have her reading one of her poems (that I am also arranging in a song for our program). It is a special kind of poem, a “pantoen” that uses repetitive sounds to lure you into it just like the subject in this poem are lured deeper and deeper into her cave. Apt to express how we all feel at this point! I really appreciate you for coming aboard, Riana!

Jannie du Toit is a fantastic singer, musician and father of Afrikaans music in many ways. I signed with his (and other partners) music company, JNS MUSIC, many moons ago. It was a budding time for Afrikaans music and he has always been like a guiding star in my skies. He has recorded two, beautiful songs on his guitar for us and it will certainly make you very happy to hear it! An internationally acclaimed artist, visionary and patron of the arts all in one. What a star to have aboard!

Riku Lätti and his beautiful wife, Jackie Lätti, are dear friends and we have walked quite a road with Die Wasgoedlyn since 2016. I know Riku from 20 years ago, though when his music was as revolutionary in Afrikaans as it still is today. We worked together on many projects and I proudly sing on no less than three tracks of Wasgoedlyn Vol. 3…so chuffed with that, lol. It is such an honor to know these multi-talented musicians, theater entrpreneurs and magic-makers. Their spirits alone is like a shining star! Thank you for sharing a video with us!

Soetmelk Musiek – my partners in crime. I met Schalk Maas and Altan Ungerer through their involvement in the band SkallaBrak. We have since then done many productions together, recorded a full album (our acclaimed album ‘Die heelal Draai’ that would have been a full production at the KKNK this year) and two singles (including our hit ‘Life us Good’) and they are still my favourite band – with them…”Life is Good”! We share our lock-down video “Wie sien die Maan” that is on Tunes Studio album “Diversiteit” and was released over lock-down. Schalk also made us a special home video too, to send personal greetings to you all from them both!

That brings us to Jean Tunes Marais from Tunes Studio. He is part of Die Wasgoedlyn’s band with whom I have performed at more than one arts festival, made the incredible album “Diversiteit” with him and his colleague, Mark Ellis that they released online on the 30th of April…He is a studio owner, producer musician that plays drums to light up your soul. He has prepared something very special for our show!! Can’t wait to share it with you!

Pilippe Kangi is a singer, song writer, musician that I met in Secunda two years ago at their Secunda Music and Wine Festival. He has a fantastic vioce, sings in French and is a fun, beautiful soul who made us a very special, home-brewed video of one of his own songs. On the track he played all the instruments, wrote the song and sung it like an angel! A true treat to share!

Stef Kruger Fanpage – my other partner in crime from our show Verdubbel die Geluk/Double the Joy – needs no introduction on this page. Another father of Afrikaans music with a legacy of over 300 of the most beautiful Afrikaans songs in the market, whether sung by other artists or himself. Full of “true stories” and music that hits the mark even if you do not understand the language. Soother of souls!

Gavin Jay from Crystal Blaq Ent is the other artist from my home-town I include in this round. He has an incredible voice, is a true poet and a new kid on the block. We recently released a song “Seek the light” that you can see in my web page or Youtube. We are in the middle in fact of the release still, so new it is. Thus we are including our lock-down video for that in this virtual experience and Gavin Jay on his own track too. Welcome aboard! He will talk to your heart and express what you feel.

Ben Schoeman has piano fingers of gold! A friend of my cousin, Henry Lamprecht, I was so very thrilled when this internationally acclaimed, piano virtuoso said yes to make us a home video for our show! He was an honorable guest at my special UK show earlier this year, lol, and I just couldn’t believe my luck when he said he will take part in this fun project! Thank you!

Combined with some fresh recordings and favourites I shared over lock-down, we bring you a virtual experience of hope from our homes to yours. Full of heart-felt good wishes expressed in musical/artistical gold!.

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