Information Sesssions and Assistance for Property Buyers, Home Owners and Property Sellers

Fri May 1, 07:00 - Fri Apr 30, 07:00


Free information sessions for:


  • Home Buyers
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Property Investors
  • Government subsidies - FLISP
  • Property Finance
  • Rent2buy Finance
  • Instalment sales
  • HIP Home Loans
  • Pension backed home loans


  • What to do if I cannot pay my home loan instalments?
  • What to do if I cannot pay my car or credit card instalments?
  • Can I use my property equity to raise more money
  • Can I claim a FLISP subsidy once I own my property?
  • How can I save thousands of rands on my home loan?
  • Can I pay off my bond faster?
  • Can I use my house as an office?
  • Can I deduct expenses such as my home loan payment against work form home expenses?
  • What is the impact of CGT if I use my home as an office?


  • What is the value of your property
  • How do I sell my property after Covid-19
  • How do I find the best selling agent?
  • How much commission will I pay an agent?
  • What is a sole mandate to an agent?
  • What are the benefits of an open mandate to an agent?
  • How do I list and market my property?
  • What is a virtual reality tour?
  • Can a buyer use Rent2buy Finance to buy my property?
  • Can I sell my property using an instalment sale agreement?
  • What do do if I receive an offer with many suspensive conditions?
  • What is a 90 day early termination bond penalty?
  • Will I pay capital gains tax?
  • When is capital gains tax due?
  • Can I apply for a bridging loan once I sold my property?
  • How soon can I apply for a bridging loan?

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