5 Ways to stay safe when driving during the coronavirus outbreak

Thu Apr 30, 06:00 - Sat Feb 28, 06:00
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During this crucial period, when the spread of coronavirus is at its peak, we must take all possible steps to help prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Although most of us are at home right now, we do occasionally go out to buy essentials. During these trips, it is essential to ensure that your car which you're driving around is not carrying any deadly viruses which may put your life at risk. Here are some steps which you could take to keep your car clean and free of any germs. [Note: The tips are powered by the trusted Ford Servicing Dubai Center, United Arab Emirates]


  • Wash your hands before Driving 

Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before you start on any journey. Wash or sanitize before touching any service of your vehicle. This will help ensure that no harmful germs are being transferred to your car or anyone who is using it. 

  • Regularly disinfect all profoundly touched surfaced. 

You must wipe down all surfaces that you come in contact with while driving with an effective disinfectant. Those surfaces necessarily include door handles, gear, hand brake, steering wheel, seat belt and dashboards. Don’t forget to wipe down your car keys too. While doing so do in keep in mind to use disinfectants which won’t damage any of your car’s surface. 

  • Air out your car between rides 

Leaving your window open for a few minutes between rides will help ensure that the air inside the vehicle is free from any illness-causing viruses.  

  • Vacuum the inside of your car regularly 

Vacuum thoroughly and get rid of any dust and other germs that may be present in different nooks and corners of your car. 

  • Minimize your number of stops and the number of people in your car 

Try to limit the number of locations that you stop at and visit places only that are necessary. Also, the fewer people that are in the car, the lesser the chances of you contracting the virus. 

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