Corne and Twakkie are the Matrics!

Tue Apr 28, 21:00 - Tue Apr 28, 22:15


Guys it’s nearly time for all of us to graduate from the lockdown and Corne and Twakkie are throwing a moerse matric party on the interweb to celebrate.


It’s been a flippen steep learning curve ball being confined to our caravans for so long without even being able to jump into a hot tub with your woodwork teacher. But  now it’s time to leave home school and go out into the real world with the Most Most Amazing Interweb Show ever. Seriously, it’s going to be uncredible, we are totally excited about all the flippen cool shit we are going to do in this one. 


It’s a one time event and there will be no repeats (unlike when Twakkie did STD5 three times) so get your tickets now because it literally took a global pandemic to make this kak happen. Also, Cornè is not going to survive another Apocalypse so do the right thing before we all die. 


Tell everyone who have ever come to the school of Most Amazing no matter where they are in the world because the interweb don’t care how far away you are and we have never been closer together by being this far apart. 


Believe it because it’s true.

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