When Crisis Strikes with Francis Herd & Prof. Nicola Kleyn

Tue Jun 2, 19:00 - Tue Jun 2, 20:00


About the Book When Crisis Strikes: Ten Rules to Survive(and Avoid) a Reputation Disaster

In the past few years, so many scandals have rocked corporate South Africa that crises seem to be the norm rather than the exception. In the glare of the public eye, with cameras, microphones and cell phones in their face, many leaders who excel in organisations suddenly become scared, confused and can

even appear shady.

When Crisis Strikes looks at a variety of crises in the age of social media in South Africa and abroad, with examples of who got it right, who got it wrong and how they could have done better. The organisations range from schools to local companies to multinationals caught up in state capture claims and giants such

as Boeing and BP.

The book provides ten simple and effective rules to help manage crisis situations. The practical advice in each rule is backed up by academic research that draws from public relations, marketing, management, leadership, and psychology. It combines insights from a seasoned journalist and an accomplished academic to give you the advice and tools to ward off a crisis before it strikes and, if it’s too late, to resolve a situation quickly and with integrity.

Please be prepared with your questions for the authors, to purchase the book please visit Amazon:

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Global pandemic we find ourselves in, we are not able to collect book donations. However, once you register for this event you do have an option to make a financial donation. Funds will be used to purchase books for distribution to less privileged communities.

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