Surviving Social Media during Covid-19 - A Webinar by Emma Sadleir

Fri May 8, 10:00 - Fri May 8, 11:30


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the very best and worst of social media. In a time that we are online more than ever before, join leading social media law expert, Emma Sadleir as she explores some of the risks and pitfalls of social media during this unprecedented time.

This webinar will include topics such as:

• Fake news - how to spot it, and what our brand-new law under the Disaster Management Act says about sharing it.

• Sexting - while sexting might be considered the ‘safe sex’ option for social distancing, before you do it, you need to know what the law says.

• WhatsApp group liability - WhatsApp groups have become one of the most popular mediums for sharing real-time updates on COVID-19, but what is the responsibility of the WhatsApp group Admin and of WhatsApp group members when things go south?

• Legal consequences of social media - what happens is we mess up on social media including defamation, crimen injuria, hate speech and harassment .

• Tech addiction - the effects of increased time online on our sleep, health and mental wellbeing.

• Contact tracing - Is Big Brother watching you?


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