Parenting in a Pandemic - Online Event Series with Arise

Thu Apr 30, 20:00 - Thu Jun 25, 21:00


Arise is an NGO based in Heideveld on the Cape Flats and we believe that every child deserves to grow up in a thriving family. During this pandemic we have had to change the way that we work, and we have all needed to change the way we parent too. With this in mind, Arise is offering five online sessions covering mental health considerations for families to equip parents to help their families thrive - whether you have preschoolers or teens.

The events will be hosted by Danielle Moosajie, Social Worker with Masters in Social Policy and Management, Alexa Russell-Matthews, Social Worker with Masters in Play Therapy and experience in the corporate and clinical settings and Robyn Jacobs, Clinical Psychologist. Each of these speakers are parents as well as professionals.

All money raised from ticket sales will be directly allocated towards assisting 60 Heideveld families with food parcels. We've kept ticket prices low, so please scroll down and add a donation to your ticket purchase or via our website if you'd like to receive a tax certificate -

Please join us for one or all of the events that will take place on five different Thursday evenings. Ticket sales end at 5pm on the day of each event.

  • How Full is your Cup: It's not Just About your Kids - Thursday 30 April at 8pm 

Parenting through a crisis can be tricky at the best of times. The COVID-19 crisis is full of constant change and unknowns. Before we can connect with our children, we need to connect with ourselves. Rather than trying to simply breathe for everyone else first, this talk seeks to work out how parents can "grab their masks first before attending to anyone else."

  • Big Feelings: Understanding your Child's Emotions + Behaviours - Thursday 14 May

We know that emotions drive behaviours, but what language do we need to have in order to help understand our children and what their behaviours are telling us? Big Feelings is about finding the language we need as people to choose our responses and give understanding to emotional expression.

  • Power of Words: When Communicating is Hard - Thursday 28 May

In every home, it's easy to say things without thinking of its impact. Words can have long lasting effects, especially on your children. The words you use with your children can either build them up or destroy their self-esteem. It’s especially important that you think about the words you use when you discipline your children so you help them to move on and truly learn from their mistakes. This talk takes a closer look at the how words affect your children and how you can change the things you say to your children to help strengthen your relationship and self-esteem with your child and teen.

  • S.A.D Youth: Stress, Anxiety + Depression in Children and Teens - Thursday 11 June

We're all feeling it, but how can we help our kids? Mental health issues are on the rise in youth and this talk seeks to give a brief insight into what stress, anxiety and depression look like in teens and the role parents can play in helping their kids cope.

  • Crash Course in Connection - Thursday 25 June

Connection isn't just about the good and the easy - it's also possible in the hard and the challenging. A Crash Course in Connection unpacks what connection can look like when conflict occurs and boundaries are tested. Connection is the foundation of any relationship only deepens through trust and belonging.

Each event will start at 8pm SA time (7pm UK time) with a 30 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A. We use Zoom for our online events. Please note that certain devices require you to have Zoom installed to join the sessions. You can download Zoom from: and will be sent the link to join via email an hour before the event. Please bring a pen and paper along.

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