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The Amos Foundation


The vision of AMOS

Quote: “The saddest man on earth is one who mourns his own future.”


We get addicts off the streets, into rehab, post-rehab, our own AMOS Impact House, Impact Community Church, redeemed and working.


We reinforce people’s divine nature and lead them to God to be Redeemed from addiction.

Founding Statement of The AMOS Foundation - 2018

My name is Derry Byrne and I am a redeemed alcoholic and addict. My wife, Janine Byrne is a redeemed crack-cocaine addict. I have been redeemed since the 19th of January 2006 (12 years) and Janine has been redeemed since the 1st of April 2015 (3 years). We were married on the 20th January 2017.

Having been in the self-funded ministry of redemption from addiction for over 10 years and 2 years respectively, we have decided to take drastic action!

It is not enough simply to tell and teach addicts, their co-dependent families, friends and employers about the joy that is redemption from addiction. They need more.

Addiction is an invasive and corrupting affliction. The addiction will force the addict to lie, steal, prostitute and do anything else to protect access to their substance of choice. Family becomes embroiled in the web of deceit and may also start lying to ‘protect’ the addict’s job or even to keep them out of jail or off the street. Employers and friends get entangled and battle to distinguish between pity, empathy and compassion. Absenteeism, theft and sick leave become the norm, often ending in dismissal. Productivity and trust go out of the window. Most important: by the time the addict is ready to accept our help, they are generally destitute and their families have been robbed or exploited penniless. If they are part of the handful who are still employed, the employer is normally at the end of their tether by this stage.


This is where the concept of The AMOS Foundation took root. Over the past 2 years, Janine and I have personally financed rehab, post-rehab, found employment for or even accommodated addicts in recovery. One such man spent our ‘honeymoon month’ sleeping in the lounge of our 1-bedroom cottage. He was more than welcome and is still sober and gainfully employed today, a year later, but this type of intervention places a massive strain on our relationship, our finances and the job I hold down full time to fund our ministry. Our success rate is exceptionally high. Over half of the addicts we have led to redemption are still sober.

In addition, Janine and I present a leadership course entitled “Celebrate Recovery” by Pastor Rick Warren and John Baker at local churches with a view to training Pastors, leaders and members to lead addicts to redemption. The course, because of its content, continues to be a profound success, but intervention generally goes as far as referring the suffering addicts back to us.

To cut a long story short, we need to get society on board with us. The tired cliche “You can’t help everyone” must not discourage us to the point where we feel we can’t help anyone!!! We are outnumbered by the addicts we are doing our best to help. Our funds are exhausted. So are we! But we will never give up. We would rather cry for help. God has been an awesome provider for us both over the years, but if we need Him to do more than “provide our every need”, we are going to need more people and more funding.

We already have our first Rehabilitation Centre, where I was Control Officer, on board. We also have a wonderful Post-rehab on board, where I was the Spiritual Leader. We are meeting with a Care Center, where I also used to be Spiritual Leader, in the near future. We have the makings of a great team of 7 Board members to run the foundation. We are a registered NPO and PBO


  1. Start now;

I have written (using the nom de plume Amos Godwin) a work of fiction titled “Becoming AMOS (a man of substance)” which focuses on propitiation. I have donated 80 printed copies to the AMOS Foundation to sell as a means of raising funds. The book costs A MINIMUM DONATION OF R250 (excluding packaging and postage) or R350 delivered by hand anywhere in the Johannesburg, Pretoria, East Rand and West Rand area or delivered to your nearest POST NET anywhere in South Africa. ALL this money will go straight into funds, not just the profit. Should we successfully sell 80 copies, we can fund our first patient for intervention, counselling, assessment and rehabilitation. The cost of this is R30 000, which is less than people pay for a rehab program. Our full program, which includes intervention, counselling, assessment, 1 month (minimum) in rehab, 3 months (minimum) in post-rehab and job-finding, costs R30 000.

Follow up:

We need 100 individuals to donate R300 per month OR 60 individuals to donate R500 per month. Get it? The more you can gift us with monthly, the quicker we can start the program.

  1. Raise awareness in the Corporate world:

In order for Janine to make this Ministry her full-time focus, we also need to get Corporations on board. We need 30 corporates to each donate R1 000 per month for 24 months minimum. We have negotiated discounts and package deals which mean that the addict will obtain our added value at no cost. The Corporate funding will cover our 2-year lease on AMOS Impact House. Our time will be paid for by the discounts and by our own personal income.

  1. What will the result be?

Redemption from addiction is an amazing reality, but we know enough about addiction to understand that almost every addict needs to go to a Rehabilitation Centre and Post-rehab en-route. As we said, what does it help to tell someone and do nothing? We need to get them into the program.


And remember, the eighty percent who say NO may think they can because of the twenty percent who will say YES. Please be part of the 20% and don’t think that the 80% will look after this. THEY WON’T!

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The Amos Foundation (Post Rehab Facility)
The Amos Foundation
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