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Fri Jun 19, 08:00 - Mon Jun 22, 18:00


VIRTUAL Trade Fair Exhibitors   

normal price: R17,500

Early Bird Special – Save R10,000                                                                      

Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce launches


Friday 19th June to Monday 22nd June 

Earn good money by referring to every business owner / operator / organisation you know. 

High-Level Overview:


The Product: VIRTUAL TRADE (website: by FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce

The Problem: In an unpredictable world of enforced social distancing, your consumer/customer is required to stay at home. The knock-on effect is – the market cannot get to your business.

The Solution: Add ‘virtual’ to your marketing-mix – take your business to your market while they cannot get to you - replicate your ‘physical’ world.. and more


VIRTUAL TRADE provides a complementary virtual marketing exhibition platform to promote your products/services to a broad market of consumers. Includes: 

  • A comprehensive information desk
  • An Exhibitors Directory
  • Exhibitor Booths (with documents, videos, web page links, social media links, career opportunities, group chats, private chats & appointment scheduler)
  • ‘virtual’ replica of your exhibition booth profiling your business, products & services
  • An Auditorium (live and pre-recorded presentations)
  • On-demand audio, video and slide presentations
  • Networking Lounge
  • Ability to share your business card
  • resource centre where you can choose the collateral you wish to store


The Benefits:

  1. Consumers get to experience the Virtual Trade Fair from the comfort of their own home
  2. Consumers gain instant access to any promotional collateral you provide – from print brochures, to videos, to live talks and webinars for later viewing
  3. A broad mix of consumers attracted by the collective of all exhibitors invitations of their databases to the event
  4. A wider audience of local, national, and global consumers who may have been restricted from attending by physical distance
  5. Time-saving – no staff-time required for pre-event set-up, manning, and post-event break-down
  6. Cost-effective – priced to encourage maximum ROI for exhibitors


The Why:

FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce recognised the devastating impact of the national lockdown on all businesses, in particular – the Expo/Exhibition industry & the Retail Mall sector – both vital marketing platforms for many businesses. The Chamber set about identifying member resources to develop an innovative quality stop-gap measure for all businesses to utilise ASAP. Within the 21 days of SA’s first national lockdown VIRTUAL TRADE was born.



Traditional trade fair exhibition space can be priced anywhere from R30 000 to R50 000 per event.. and more!

 Our VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR (Special Event - 1-4 days) exhibition space is normally priced at R17 500 per event - at a substantial discount to traditional trade fair pricing. 

Commit today to our Friday 19th - Monday 22nd June Special Event and YOU get an even BIGGER Early Bird Discount Special – see below. 

Our VIRTUAL TRADE MALL (24/7/365) is priced at R13 500 per annum (payable upfront) – available to VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR exhibitors & FOURWAYS Chamber members only – become a member!


Package 1. VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR Exhibition Space

                     (normal price R17 500 per event)

Commit NOW & Save R10 000 on Your VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR Early Bird Special

YOUR Investment: R7 500 only

Early Bird Special Expires 5th June 18:00

Commit RIGHT NOW to our Friday 19th June - Monday 22nd June VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR (4-Day Event)

and receive a whopping R7 500 Early-Bird discount


a 12-Month BASIC Member package (value R2 500) at FOURWAYS Chamber. 

Total Discount Value : R10 000


Package 2. VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR Exhibition Space + VIRTUAL TRADE MALL (12 months)

                     (R17 500 per event) + (normal price R13 500 per annum) = (normal Package 2. price R31000)

Commit NOW & Save R17 500 on Your VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR + VIRTUAL TRADE MALL Early Bird Special

YOUR Investment: R13 500 only.. for both!

Early Bird Special Expires 5th June 18:00

Commit RIGHT NOW to our Friday 19th June - Monday 22nd June VIRTUAL TRADE FAIR (4-Day Event)


our VIRTUAL TRADE MALL (24/7/365)

and receive a massive R17 500 Early-Bird discount,

includes a 12-Month PREMIER Member package (value R10 000) at FOURWAYS Chamber. 

Total Discount Value : R17 500

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