#TechTalkCPT: Makers & Innovators

Wed Aug 19, 18:00 - Wed Aug 19, 21:00
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Makers & Innovators:  where every garage is a potential micro-factory & every citizen a potential micro-entrepreneur. 

We are living in an age of open source, custom-fabricated, DIY product design, all you need to conquer the world is a brilliant idea” - Chris Anderson  

The Maker Movement is the age we live in where people are employing do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-with-others (DIWO) techniques and processes to develop unique sophisticated technology devices and gadgets, such as printers, robotics and electronic devices. Since everything is now open-source anyone with good ideas can get online, share them, and find collaborators for their projects. With platforms like Kickstarter financing these ideas startups has evolved and been made possible. 

This month, #TechTalkCPT has asked Popular Mechanics inventor of the year 2014, Greg Aberdeen of BeeKind, and Omar-Pierre Soubra of Maker Faire and Sketchup to speak about their experience of being an inventor, genius, maker and geek. 

KAT-O's #TechTalkCPT happens one evening every month, where we bring you the bleeding edge of technology, science and innovation as presented by specialists within a field, accompanied by food, drinks and networking.
21st Century Beekeeping Intervention leads to innovation

Greg Aberdeen will be speaking us about innovation and the role out plan that leads to a success story in Best Beehives and the Bee Kind Project. Resuting in their beehives being Invention of the Year 2014 according to Popular Machanics

Greg invented the world's first composite flat pack and insulated bee hive system. A key logistical problem with traditional hives is they weigh 50kg or more and last just 3 to 4 years in the field. These hives weigh in under a remarkable 20kg and have a fantastic 50 year life span. This weight reduction means that even people with limited access to transport, as typically found in Africa and other developing nations can carry them on a bike or by hand. With a collection of just 20 hives a good productive and environmentally friendly living can be made in rural Africa.  These hives are highly resistant to parasites and do not provide any access for woodworm, and are highly resistant to honey badger assault and are constructed to remain highly functional even in extreme temperatures.  As a real added bonus, Greg designed these hives to take more honey racks than the traditional hive providing the genuine capability of increasing average production levels by 5kgs or more honey per hive.

Join their Facebook group for more info: Bee Kind Project
The age of the Maker

Omar-Pierre Soubra will be speaking to us about the Maker Movement, the Maker Faire and what it is like to be at the heart in so many communities around the world.

Omar is all about innovation and making it tangible for his customers! As a visionary person and an optical and laser engineer by training, he takes complex market information and constraints and developed the long term vision for some of the key product lines in Trimble Navigation, the leader in positioning solutions for land surveyors, mapping and geospatial professionals. Since 2012, when Trimble acquired SketchUp from Google, Omar has been deeply involved with the Maker movement, including large participations at Maker Faires around the world. He was happily dancing on top of a CAT bulldozer explaining this was the largest 3D printer on the fair (and he got nominated as one of the “10 Reasons Why the World Maker Faire Was Awesome” by Wired). Father of three adorable monsters, Quentin, Lucas and Gaëtan, married for the last 10 years with one of the most beautiful French women in Colorado, Melanie, Omar has been living in Colorado for the last 9 years.


#TechTalkCPT: Makers & Innovators
75 Harrington Street
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