Power Series Seminars 0nline - Handling Objections / Closing the Sale

Tue May 12, 09:00 - Tue May 12, 11:00


While we are all restricted due to physical distancing our sales teams cannot just sit back and stagnate. We have to learn how to manage the situation to maintain and grow our skills so that we can and grow our businesses. The Power Series Online Seminars are going to help your sales team take advantage of the downtime to improve their skills. When they get back to work they will be ready to grow your business

Handling Objections / Closing the Sale

The Power Series Online Seminars are going to help your sales team take advantage of downtime to improve their skills

The close is the most important part of the sale. “If you don’t close you are working for your opposition.” So why is it that so many salespeople fail to close the sale?

When asked this question in a recent survey, salespeople said the following:

  • “I don’t want to be pushy.”
  • “I don’t think the customer has the money.”
  • “I think he might say No.”
  • “I prefer to let the customer make up his own mind.”
  • “I wasn’t talking to the decision-maker.”
  • “If he wants it, he’ll tell me.”

Any of these sound familiar?

Salespeople the world over seem to be able to find hundreds of reasons why they should not ask for the sale but if they don’t ask they will probably not get the ‘yes’ they are hoping for.

There is, in fact, only one reason why salespeople don’t ask for the sale and that is fear of rejection. We don’t like the word ‘No’.

Learning how to close the sale is the most important part of any sales person’s skill set but so few salespeople really know how to ask without seeming to be pushy and increasing the chances of getting the ‘Yes’ answer we are looking for. In this session, we will discuss the issues and come up with some great solutions to help you and your team close many more sales.

Just when you think the sale is going nicely, the customer raises an issue you haven’t covered, that seems to block the possibility of making the sale. That’s an objection. There are as many different objections as there are products but a few of them are as follows:

  • “I’m going to think about it.”
  • “It’s too expensive.”
  • “I need to ask my boss.”
  • “I haven’t got the budget for it.”
  • “But I don’t want a blue kettle.”
  • “I have been doing business with your competitors for 5 years.”
  • “The problem with your system is that it just doesn’t work.”
  • “Not today thank you.”
  • “I don’t need a new television.”
  • “I don’t believe your figures.”
  • “I can get it cheaper elsewhere.”
  • “I tried your company and the service was poor.”
  • “I’ll have to sleep on it.”
  • “The other board members don’t agree.”
  • “I have a friend in the business.”

Objections are not sale breakers – they are sale makers if handled properly and in this session we will explore all the objections you get and how to handle them.

In this Power Series Online Seminar we will explore how to close the sale in a way that is most effective and handle all those difficult objections.

These live online sessions are fun and entertaining while at the same time they are full of techniques your sales team can use to grow your business. Each week we look at a different set of skills to see more customers, manage client meetings successfully and close more sales. We also explore other important skills such as Negotiation for salespeople and Key account management.

The two hour sessions will be held every Tuesday from 09:00 SA Time (GMT +2) for 10 weeks. This is a full three day sales training course at a fraction of the cost. We start the Power Series online on the 21st April 2020 with "Getting New Customers". The ten week program will rotate and start again on the 7th July 2020. Your team can start at any time and still complete the ten sessions. See below for the other seminars in the series:

Week 1 Getting New Customers - 7 July

Week 2 Selling over the Telephone - 14 July

Week 3 Sales Presentations - 21 July

Week 4 Handling Objections /Closing the sale - 12 May

Week 5 Sales Negotiation - 19 May

Week 6 Key Account Management - 26 May

Week 7 Seven Habits of Highly Successful Sales People 2 - June

Week 8 Selling at your Higher Price - 9 June

Week 9 Selling Face to Face - 23 June

Week 10 Turn Satisfied Customers into Raving Fans - 30 June

Week 1 Getting New Customers - 7 July



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