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Dear Supporter,


Kommetjie CAN helps families that can’t feed themselves due to the COVID pandemic.


South Africa has one of the most severe lockdowns in the world. It’s working, but people are going hungry in the townships where families have no reserves. 


Here in the deep south peninsula (south of Cape Town) over 150,000 people are going hungry in the townships of Ocean View, Masiphumulele and Red Hill, because they can’t earn money to feed themselves or procure gas or electricity to cook food.


Together we can help them. 


• We purchase food, at wholesale prices, and give it the hungriest families.

• We give electricity vouchers and fill gas bottles so families can cook their food.


We are 100 percent volunteer, so all your money goes to feeding hungry families. We partner with other volunteer networks within each community to efficiently get food to where it is needed the most.


Please share your good fortune with the hungry in South Africa by making a donation.


Thank you! 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions [email protected] or if you want to make a larger donation and would like tax deductible documens.


Together we CAN.



Sarah Burke, Kommetjie CAN

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