How to use Online Platforms to Present Effectively- Crash Course

Fri Aug 7, 09:00 - Fri Aug 7, 12:30
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  • How to use Online Platforms to Present Effectively - Half Day Crash Course

Reasons to Attend this course:

  • Online presentations have become a bigger part of our lives and the chances are, if you haven’t yet given a virtual presentation, you might have to in the near future.
  • Many people don’t know enough about VR presentations
  • It is challenging to keep people engaged in physical training, even more so in a virtual workshop
  • There are genuine fears to presenting, especially online, and if you are struggling with electronics and various "online meeting" platforms.
  • Become more professional with your virtual presentations by understanding various techniques needed for Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc... 


  • Use these techniques to confidently present online.
  • Understanding online etiquette, expectations and structures that put you in control of how you present online
  • Keep your audience engaged with simple ice breakers, polls, and chat boxes more effectively
  • Become more effective in the way you deliver your meetings, talks, presentations and 1-to-1 engagement sessions

Have you ever attended a virtual presentation, seminar, or meeting, and paid less attention than you probably should have? You are not alone, in fact, you are in the majority. When you are presenting online, maintaining your audience’s attention presents a unique set of challenges. What often works with "in-person" presentations – FASTER, BIGGER, LOUDER! – doesn’t always translate to a virtual audience where the name of the game is Engagement.

Apart from engagement, there are many items which, when sorted, can really support a more professional and confident virtual presentation.

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