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Members of the BKMH Community Action Network (including Bergvliet, Kreupelbosch, Meadowridge and Heathfield) stand in solidarity with the Steenberg Retreat CAN in the fight against Covid-19. Together, we seek to raise financial support that will enable the care of our most vulnerable.


Following discussion with the Steenberg Retreat CAN leaders our biggest drive is to raise funds for essential goods parcels that will include a substantial number of items for food, personal hygiene and household use. We will also be assisting with electricity and airtime for those in need.


The Steenberg Retreat CAN leaders, together with local charity Dews of Quietness (NPO 105631), are working hard to identify those most vulnerable in their community and establish the most important needs.


How you can get involved/help: 


We are calling on members of the BKMH community and their networks (aka anyone reading this!) to please donate as much as you can spare, every bit makes a big difference. This 'ticket' donation helps put your money into a communal pot used to purchase bulk items for the parcels, plus assist with electricity and airtime where needed.

To donate please either click the "Tickets" button on this page or for an express check-out you can donate anonymously here.

Parcels will include the following items:

Rice, tea, coffee, salt, oil, cake flour, tinned pilchards, tinned jam, baked beans, peanut butter, pasta, sugar, maize, lentils, 2 minute noodles, samp, beans, bread, potatoes, washing powder, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, sanitary pads, candles.


BKMH Community Action Network (CAN) is part of the broader Cape Town Together network. This is a rapid community response to COVID-19 in which communities self-organise to take action at the neighbourhood level.

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