Lockdown Concert Donation Jar / Bottomless Coffee Band

Wed Apr 8, 13:00 - Thu Apr 16, 23:00
Our Living Room / Ons Sitkamer (Different streaming platforms announced on social media)


To our dear friends and family.

It is lockdown in South Africa and many parts of the world due to the Covid-19 virus, an international crisis which we are all affected by.

We have been really productive in writing new music and getting things done that has been put on hold for quite a while now, however, as you know, we have had to cancel many concerts, even as far as the end of May. We believe that this will all be over soon, but we are also realistic as to how we can make new plans to keep our business and music career going. How incredibly lucky are we to have an online world that we can utilise in this time?

We greatly appreciate all of you and we understand, more than ever, that without you we have no work.

Therefore, we are doing our utmost best to provide fun and good quality online content in the form of "Middagete Klein konsertjies" called KOFFIE, MUSIEK & WYN (Coffee, Music & Wine), video uploads and longer streamed concerts. Many people have expressed the need to pay some sort of a ticket price for this, but we prefer the option for you to pay what you feel on your heart.

Please ensure that you enter your correct e-mail address as we would want to contact you when this is all over with a special gift, be it a new CD (born out of lockdown), tickets to a concert near you or a bottle of wine featured on our MUSIC, COFFEE & WINE sessions.

We have also had a few enquiries to record private, personalised videos for a birthday and an engagement, which we follow the same donation process for. So please feel free to contact us, should you be in need of a special touch to a special occasion during this time.

We are grateful towards every one of you and we encourage you to support our local restaurants, wine farms, tourist attractions and shops when this is all over so that we can form part of keeping other peoples dreams and passions and livelihood in tact.

With love,

Lourens and Esté Rabé

Bottomless Coffee Band


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