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Tue Apr 7, 15:00 - Mon Jun 1, 09:00

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Like many small businesses across the globe, Drifter Brewing Company is facing serious, unexpected challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're a local brewery in Cape Town, South Africa that began operating in early 2015. One of our core company pillars is community building, and over the last five years, we've been committed to supporting and uplifting our neighbours and friends in small businesses.

Now, we're calling on our community across the globe to help keep Drifter afloat and support us as we navigate these stormy seas.

The spirit of Drifter is in its humble, authentic beginning and the characters we've encountered along the way. We’d love to weather through these difficult times and keep bringing you your favourite brews! With an uncertain future ahead of us, your involvement now will help Drifter be in the best place possible to keep on sailing.

You can order beers that will be delivered as soon as the alcohol ban is lifted (CPT only) or support us through a donation.

Donations raised through this page will be put towards staff salaries, our building rent and the overheads to continue to operate.

Happy & healthy thoughts from Captain Nick x

Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @drifterbrewing

**Should you have any troubles with your orders or donations, please contact [email protected] .