Meditation By Candlelight

Thu Apr 30, 19:00 - Thu Aug 27, 20:00

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We invite you to join us for Meditation By Candlelight with Life Retreat Online Studio

Thursday evening is the perfect time to take time out and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. It is Stage 5 of lockdown finale, before we go down to stage 4.

Change is never easy for us, and we are living in times of immense change.

Meditation enables us to be more mindful, helps build our immunity and enables us to adapt to change better. As well as offering us many other health benefits.

The meditation will be guided, and anyone of any age, including beginners are welcome to join us

Half an hour before the Meditation begins, please prepare yourself and your loved ones a comfortable place to sit. Preferably cross legged on the floor. Ensure you are dressed comfortably and have a blanket with you.

Light a candle and while doing so set your intentions about what you would liketto attract in your "New Normal" life and let go what no longer serves you

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Just before the Guided Meditation begins it will pop up as live on your screen

Relax and Enjoy


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