FREE Online Workshop: Flying Porterville for Visiting PG Pilots (Good Friday 4.30pm JHB Time - GMT/UTC + 2)

Fri Apr 10, 16:30 - Fri Apr 10, 17:30


This online workshop will be a talk on paragliding in the Porterville area, outside Cape Town. It is primarily aimed at those who have not flown the area before. Porterville is my favourite flying site, it's the site where I've gained the most experience throughout my xc flying career which led to a full-time career as a paragliding instructor. I'd like to use this opportunity to talk about it bit more as a local pilot who is an active pilot in the region. I'd also like to use this opportunity to address the somewhat negative article published in the DHV magazine late last year.

Who am I? My name is Ria Moothilal, I am a Cape Town pilot and Chief Instructor of Air School Paragliding. I'm also the current vice chair of SAHPA, former National Safety Officer, and former Chair of the Glen Paragliding Club. I've also been a member of the organising committee for the past 3 PrePWC Competitions held in Porterville, and a member of task committee for the past 2 Porterville competitions as well as South African National's held in Barberton in 2019. I teach paragliding in and around the Cape Town region as well as guide visiting pilots on local and xc flights out here

Aimed at: Paragliding pilots considering a visit to Porterville (South Africa) in the post corona future

Duration: 1 hr

Format: Zoom online meetings

Workshop points of discussion:

  • Intro the various sites in the PV valley
  • Licensing requirements
  • Logistics - getting to and around PV
  • The impact of the terrain - thermal behaviour, importance of good landing technique, etc
  • The effects of wind - take-off, thermals, and landing
  • Flying Do's and Don'ts
  • Popular routes & how to fly 100km+
  • Challenging routes
  • Retrieve options
  • Accommodation
  • Non-flying activities in the area
  • Aspects to work on before your trip

Presented by: Ria Moothilal

Air School Paragliding

email: [email protected]

tel/WhatsApp: +27722889922


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