Online Yoga with Johlene 6-12 April

Mon Apr 6, 08:00 - Sun Apr 12, 17:00
Zoom Cloud Meetings


Online Yoga with Johlene on Zoom Cloud Meetings.


•Monday. 6 April.

8am. Energizing Hatha.

•Tuesday. 7 April.

5pm. Yin Yoga.

•Wednesday. 8 April.

5pm. Restorative Yoga.

•Thursday. 9 April.

8am. Energizing Vinyasa.

•Friday. 10 April.

8am. Hatha Strength.

•Sunday. 12 April.

5pm Nurturing Hatha.

Once you purchase your class pass you will receive an email with the Zoom link and password.

Class passes must be purchased at least 15 minutes before the class.

Single class pass R50.

Week class pass R150.


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