FREE Intro to Paragliding Online Workshop (Good Friday 2pm)

Fri Apr 10, 14:00 - Fri Apr 10, 15:30


Ever wondered what it would be like to fly, like a bird, or perhaps as the captain of your own aircraft? Paragliding has come a long way since its early days, both in terms of safety and performance. South Africa is one of the top destinations in the world for paragliding. In fact, every year there are more foreign pilots flying at our sites than there are South Africans - this needs to change. A major contributing reason is that most South Africans have no idea what paragliding is nor how far it has come as a recognised discipline of aviation around the world. This workshop, presented by a SAHPA and CAA qualified National Flight Instructor, will give you a brief introduction to the sport, we'll talk about aspects such as the purity of unpowered flight, how to attain your pilots license, paragliding as a career, etc. It's a must for anyone who has had the thought that flying could be fun, and it's completely free and from the comfort of your home #stayathome

Aimed at: Members of the public (don't have a paragliding license), pilots of other aircrafts (from cessna's to boeings), those seeking an alternative career choice, entrepreneurs, anyone who has an open mind whether you're afraid of heights or not

Duration: 1.5hrs

Format: Zoom online meetings

Course outcomes: Over this session you will gain an introduction to the following:

  • Capabilities of the paraglider
  • Mimicking the flight behaviour of birds to sustain flights lasting several hours and hundreds of kilometers
  • Process to obtain your national pilot's license for paragliding
  • Risks and realities involved
  • Take off, in-flight, and landing procedures
  • Air law
  • Costs involved
  • Paragliding as a career path or business

Presented by:

Air School Paragliding's Chief Instructor

email: [email protected]

tel/WhatsApp: +27722889922


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