Wynberg CAN Fundraiser

Wed Apr 1, 12:00 - Wed Dec 30, 12:00


Dear Wynberg-ers (and friendly folks elsewhere)

The Wynberg Community Action Network (CAN) stands together with the residents of Bonnytoun and food insecure families in Wynberg, who are in urgent need of support! 

Bonnytoun is an informal settlement in Wynberg, with approximately 550 adults and children, right behind the recycling drop off facility. They are struggling to get food and basic necessities.

We have been able to deliver over 100 food packs to Bonnytoun on five occassions thanks to generous donations to this fundraiser. The gratitude received from the community is overwhelming!

But our campaign is not over, one week of food is not enough especially with the extended lockdown. Bonnytoun still needs us! We want to keep up regular donors so the community feels reassured and secure that they will be able to feed their families every week. We are putting together parcels of food necessities (detailed below) which cost R250.

Additionally many people in Wynberg have lost their jobs due to lockdown. The Wynberg CAN has been contacted by over 200 families who are in need of food in the Wynberg area. We use a portion of the donations to assist these families with getting food. Please keep donating and sharing our campaign so we can reach more people. We have been able to help many of these families but we need continued support to be able to reach of all of them on a regular basis.

Your support will be impactful in these unprecedented times.

Food items:

Red lentils

2kg rice

1kg maize meal

2l fish oil

500g beans

Veggie curry cans

2 Minute Noodles 


500g split peas


Peanut butter




Long life Milk



How can we help?