Learn IsiZulu Online : Music Edition

Wed Apr 8, 10:00 - Wed Apr 29, 11:00


About the class:

For our online class, you’ll receive an outline with key vocabulary and notes before the session. You’ll also receive a playlist with music that we’ll discuss.

Once everyone is logged in, Thabiso starts the class online with introductions -- learning how to introduce each other in isiZulu, and also in tsotsi taal -- the urban slang that most people in Joburg actually use every day. 

Once everyone has had a chance to practice that, Thabiso will introduce ways of talking about music in isiZulu. He plays samples of different types of traditional music, gospel music and contemporary music that you'd hear on the radio. He talks about traditional musical instruments, and how music is performed today. 

The language concepts we cover include:

* likes and dislikes

* musical vocabulary

* how to buy music

* talking about playing music 

By the end of the session, everyone should be able to request and be able to comment on the music style and genre.Participants will also learn to sing a isiZulu song.

About the instructor: Thabiso is a social activist, musician, and bookseller. He loves Zulu literature, and exploring the beauty of the language in his lyrics. He loves teaching others to appreciate Zulu in ways that are fun and practical. 

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