Day 10 - Rusty Labuschagne

Sun Apr 5, 16:00 - Sun Apr 5, 17:30


After being incarcerated for 10 years for a crime he never committed, Rusty Labuschagne walked out of a Zimbabwean prison cell with a remarkable story to tell.


Today he’s an international speaker and best-selling author of the book Beating Chains.


On the 5th of April, which marks day 10 of South Africa’s lockdown, Rusty will share his story with you. During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rusty’s positive mental attitude, leadership qualities and lessons in forgiveness, gratitude and humility will bring a personal, transformative and authentic message of hope and freedom to you and your family.

PLEASE NOTE: A portion of the proceeds will go to The Gift of The Givers Foundation to assist in their efforts to help our doctors fight Coronavirus.


Funds raised will be used for:


- Manual and automated Ventilation equipment

- Intubation equipment

- Safety equipment for medical staff

- Medical supplies


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