Trade and Arbitrage Effectively with XRP Course

Tue Apr 14, 10:00 - Tue Apr 14, 11:30


Want to learn how to make money trading and arbitraging with cryptocurrencies?

Various opportunities exist for beginners to advanced traders trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and XRP. This short course gives you the ability to take advantage of these opportunities easily and effectively!

Attendees will learn about bitcoin and XRP, what its purpose is as well as the difference between the two top cryptocurrencies.

The instructor will do live trades in the class and attendees will leave the course knowing how to place their own trades, safely and securely on an exchange.

The outcome of this course is to provide attendees with the necessary tools, tips and techniques in order to effectively trade and arbitrage on secure and well-known, local and international cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a beginner to these opportunities, you will also be able to reach out the instructor for further help after the course to ensure continual support (a small fee may apply depending on the amount of time required).

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make money from trading and arbitraging XRP and bitcoin!

Modules that will be covered are:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction and overview of the course and the attendees
  • An overview of XRP and bitcoin: its history, its purpose and the differences between the two cryptocurrencies
  • What is a cryptocurrency wallet and why do I need it?
  • A look at the general opportunities that exist with cryptocurrencies
  1. Trading and arbitraging
  2. Payments: peer-to-peer and cross border
  3. Investing

Module 2: XRP and Trading

  • Why use XRP instead of bitcoin when trading?
  • Trading terminology
  • Technical analysis and why its necessary
  • What are the different styles to trading?
  • How to buy and sell on an exchange, both on local and international exchanges
  • Which exchanges should I use?

Module 3: Safety Measures

  • How do I store my cryptocurrency safely?
  • How can I reduce my risk when trading?
  • How do I know when an exchange is not safe to use?
  • How does the volatility of cryptocurrencies affect my trading?
  • How does arbitraging reduce volatility risk during trading?

Module 4: Live Demo of a Trade

The instructor will:

  • Explain the premiums South African cryptocurrency exchanges operate at vs. international ones
  • Demo how to place an order to buy XRP on an exchange and when to sell the XRP
  • Demo how to execute a trade for an arbitrage opportunity between an international exchange and a local exchange

Module 5: Question and Answer

  • You will have the opportunity to ask the instructor any questions you have
  • The next steps and support from the instructor going forwards

Terms and Conditions:

No refunds or postponements are given to attendees who do not attend the course.

The Blockchain Academy will not be held liable for any damage to property, or for lost or stolen items.

The Blockchain Academy reserves the right to cancel classes at any time prior to their commencement. If a class is cancelled, attendees will be advised by sms and email no later than two days prior to its scheduled commencement date and a full refund given back to you.

If you wish to cancel the training, you must provide us with written notification.

NO REFUNDS or transfers will be granted less than 10 days before class commencement if enrollment has been confirmed.

We accept bitcoin and XRP for this course! Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to make payment in crypto.

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