Southern Rights & Wrongs (Going Solo) - Online

Sat Apr 11, 19:30 - Sat Apr 11, 22:00


Southern Rights & Wrongs Storytelling Evening is a storytelling event where we celebrate the art and science of storytelling.

Because of these crazy times, we have decided to move our next event online. The next "virtual" Southern Rights & Wrongs event will take place on Saturday 11th April.

In line with the current lockdown, the theme for the next event is: Going Solo.

The event will see 10 brave storytellers recount their stories of social distancing, or tell other tales of how they left the pack, and found themselves out on their own.

Storytellers have 5 minutes each to tell a story, based on a theme chosen for the event. No notes are allowed: stories must be told and not read.

The event will be hosted live online using a unique link that will be sent you with your ticket.  All proceeds from the event will be donated to Cyril’s Solidarity Response Fund. It's up to you how much you want to donate (if anything).

Even though we'll all be in our own homes, we hope to make this event feel like a fun night out. So get out of your tracksuit pants, put on something glam, grab a bottle of your favourite and join us for a great evening of storytelling. 

Please subscribe to the Southern Rights & Wrongs podcast for stories from previous events.

Do you have a story? If you would like to tell a story at SR&Ws please let us know by emailing: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you there!


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