The Dignity Project

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The Dignity Project

Your donation to this cause can enable this community service to reach more people during the Covid-19 related lockdown period, and make a difference to folks who face challenges in maintaining personal hygiene in the absence of having homes with running water or ablution facilities. The funds raised will go towards the purchase of essential equipment such as flow bins, plumbing fittings and transport.

The Dignity Project was initiated as a collaboration between AfrikaBurn and the OBSID (Observatory Improvement District) in 2018 at the Streetopia event, at which two prototype toilet units were trialled ahead of these being deployed as the new sanitation solution for the AfrikaBurn 2019 event. As the project has progressed, it has now developed to provide crisis sanitation facilities for the street-based community of Observatory, Cape Town (and other areas).

The toilet and washing station units built and deployed by the Dignity Project consist of a 1,000-litre capacity standalone toilet unit and hand-washing stations. These are based on the facilities used at the main annual AfrikaBurn event in the Tankwa Karoo. With the outbreak of COVID-19 becoming an emergency that has required an increase in the practicing of personal hygiene routines such as the regular and thorough washing of hands with soap, the Dignity Project’s focus has expanded beyond the initial need for rapidly-deployable public toilets, but also units that incorporate a water tank, tap and basin.

The Wash Station prototype was developed in collaboration with Maker Station in Woodstock, Cape Town, with fabrication undertaken by members of AfrikaBurn’s Department of Public Works crew.

All involved in the fabrication and installation of the Dignity Project units have been authorised with the necessary permits to be mobile in order to provide this service during lockdown period when movement is limited to Essential Service Workers.


Our vision is to provide practical solutions for positive change in underprivileged and marginalised communities while providing youth with employment opportunities and a sense of purpose.

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