Candid Conversations for Leaders in Crisis (Tuesday webinar)

Tue Mar 24, 19:00 - Tue May 26, 16:30

NOTE: Limited seats are available. Book now to avoid disappointment.


Join us for this special 90-minute online group coaching call where you can receive the support, expertise, and resources you need to manage yourself, your business, and your employees in this challenging time of uncertainty.

In this time of crisis, the leadership journey has never been as lonely as it is now.

What all leaders need now are:

·        Strategies to remain calm and manage constant change

·        Methods to keep connected with our workforce, family, and friends

·        Ways to be flexible and innovate a path forward

·        Ways to maintain peak performance and clients while under pressure

4Seeds would like to offer a supportive online forum for South African leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and the self-employed to come together to share, innovate, and be supported with skills, community knowledge, and resources to manage their daily work, personal, and internal lives in crisis. We’re offering this online meeting space bi-weekly for the next three weeks as a way to play our part in supporting the well-being of our clients, our economy, and our country.

4Seeds coaches are experts in creating healthy workplace cultures, building resilience, and coaching agile leaders, and we want to assist you to build the skills you need to feel confident, calm and collected in this time of unprecedented stress.

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