Revision & Assessment

Tue Apr 7, 15:00 - Tue Apr 7, 17:00
Digicape HQ


It's time for learners to get busy revising and preparing for the inevitable assessments that teachers need to create and deploy.

We've put together a 2-part workshop for you to explore this from both sides. We'll look at some methods students could use to make notes and create a record of their lessons. Then we’ll delve into tools and techniques that teachers can employ to make assessments streamlined and efficient.

This event is being held online due to the Covid-19 situation. A link to the session will be emailed to all those who have rsvp'ed 15 minutes before the 3pm kickoff.


Revision & Assessment
Digicape HQ
1 Raapenberg Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa
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