Johannesburg Global Cannabis March '20

Sat May 2, 09:00 - Sat May 2, 12:00
Constitution Hill


Now that our freemdom of the plant has begun, with the first step of decriminalisation, we as Cannabis users are still being attacked, imprissoned and abused for our freedom and constitutional right to consume Cannabis as consenting adults.

Our cause here is to STOP THE COPS from this maltreatment, abuse, arrest and all records relating to Cannabis arrests need to be expunged.


JOIN US on the Saturday 2nd May 2020 at 09h00 for 10h30

(Route TBC)

March the streets of Johannesburg to demonstrate our determination to change the status of Cannabis in our land.

We will hold strong with one unified voice. Expressing our desire to grow as a nation, by allowing free, equal and fair trade of Cannabis in all forms.


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