Founder's Forum Series: My First 90 Days

Tue May 26, 13:30 - Tue May 26, 15:00

Founder's Forum Series Overview

The Founder's Forum Series forms part of the offering of USB Entrepreneur, created to proliferate the knowledge of starting a business, to growing a business, within the USB community.

Join us at the 1st workshop of the series " My First 90 Days":

  • Learn from a panel of entrepreneurs about their first 90 days on their entrepreneurship journey
  • Meet a like-minded community of individuals - all within the USB network
  • Become acquainted with USB Entrepreneur and the initiatives we plan to host

About the host

The evening will be hosted by Seraj Toefy, serial entrepreneur, Head of Africa for Centuro Global, and currently custodian of Entrepreneurship at the USB.

We look forward to having you with us!

Jacquis Tolsma

OPEN was founded in 2017 by Jacquis Tolsma after having problems with keys on multiple occasions. 

What started out as solving a personal frustration has since grown into AI-driven security and access control which serves residential estates, the mining sector and a other corporate clients deploying facial recognition to manage access and create operational efficiencies.


Launching out of OPEN, will soon be launched.  Camradi is a consumer product which will bring advance computer vision technologies into neighbourhoods for 24/7 off-site video monitoring – to help individuals, streets and neighbourhoods to make their world safer.


Spencer Horne

A lifelong tinkerer and builder, Spencer brings his mechanical engineering training, management consulting experience and passion for aviation to the helm of Cloudline.

Cloudline leverages lighter-than-air technology and the latest developments in unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver essential goods and services to the 1 billion people without direct access to roads and runways.
Brandon Paschal

Brandon started his career by launching an NPC developing leaders at universities in Gauteng. After 7 years of that, he transitioned to the tech world, jumping into a 2 year old software company as the first business-focused team member, where he helped them exit to UK-based creative agency group WPP.

Shortly after this acquisition, he relocated to Stellenbosch to join the LaunchLab and head up the programmes working with entrepreneurs. He is currently the Director of Innovation at the LaunchLab.

LaunchLab is Stellenbosch University’s start-up incubator, founded for university spin-outs and also incubates start-ups from the start-up ecosystem and partner universities in South Africa and Africa.
Seraj Toefy

Seraj Toefy is a serial entrepreneur based in Cape Town with a rich background in marketing, communication and entrepreneurship.

Currently Custodian of Entrepreneurship at the University of Stellenbosch Business, Seraj  lectures Entrepreneurial strategy and management at a few leading universities throughout Africa including USB, and is a regular guest speaker on the topic in Europe.

He is also the CEO of Ukondla Holding which consists of Bespoke Media, Centuro Global Africa, Clic Tech, Krest Signs and Ukondla Consulting

Read up on some expert tips for entrepreneurs delivered by Seraj during the lockdown:

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