Payroll and Bookkeeping Workshop for Women in Business

Fri Jul 10, 10:00 - Fri Jul 10, 14:00
Cube Workspace Fourways



Calling all small business women!

Whether you can afford to outsource the parts of business you don’t understand, or don’t enjoy, you still need to have a good understanding of what someone else is doing for your business.

Our payroll and bookkeeping workshop will give you a good understanding of this important part of your business.

Who is this workshop for?

All women in business that operate as a registered company, freelancers or sole proprietor. 

What do we cover in this workshop?

This workshop is presented in two parts, and focuses on bookkeeping and payroll

Our bookkeeping section of the workshop, will give you a good understanding of what you are legally required to prepare as a business to meet the requirements for SARS, and if you are a registered company. There are differences in sole proprietor and company books.

Bookkeeping is often expensive to outsource, as its capturing item-by-item and inspection of invoices. If you can understand this part of your business, manage it yourself, or hand it to one of your staff, you can make sure its correct.

What is a bank reconciliation, what needs to be captured, what programs work best, and when can you use a spreadsheet.

Our payroll section will cover the legal side of your employees vs sub-contractors vs casuals. Understanding this will make sure you don’t get caught with a casual that is legally regarded as an employee.

When do you need to draw a salary, and what funds can you take out of your company and what taxes are due on that. We will show you how to run your own payroll, understand that you need to file with SARS, and also discuss payroll for your household for your domestic staff – also a legal requirement.

Lastly, we will discuss workmans compensation, ETI and SDL – and give you a basic understanding of all these terms that you have to know as a business owner.

About the presenter

Letitia Timms is senior bookkeeper at Accredited Books.  She manages the books of many small, medium and large businesses, and offers one-on-one workshops, and corporate training sessions to ensure that business owners and their team, can manage books with confidence. Without a sounds and accurate set of books, its impossible for business owners, or their accountants, accurately file returns or make future business decisions.

Maryna van den Heever is a payroll administrator at Your Payroll is Done. She manages the payrolls for many companies and households, and is passionate about ensuring companies fairly handle this important part of their staff’s entitled reimbursement, while also making sure companies understand the legalities to protect their own compliance.

When, where an how much

Our workshops are presented at Cube Workspace in Fourways, Friday, 10 July 2020, from 10am to 2pm. They are a great opportunity to network with other women in business. 

Our workshop includes refreshments, notebook, pen and worksheets. The tickets are R850, but there are discounted rates available to our Just Hello Members.

If you have any questions, email [email protected]. If you cant make it we will happily exchange the ticket for another of the same (or lower) value. 

Please note: our workshops are only for women and only women will be allowed into the venue on the day.

Additional information

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Payroll and Bookkeeping Workshop for Women in Business
Cube Workspace Fourways
9 The Straight Ave, Pine Slopes AH, Sandton, 2194
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