Breathe Easy Programme & Acudetox

Sat Jun 27, 12:00 - Sat Jun 27, 15:00
The Breathing Space


Acudetox therapy:

Acupuncture Detoxification aka Acudetox is a therapy whereby a 5 point needle protocol is used by inserting very small Acupuncture Needles into the ears.

The points trigger a shortage in the organs targeting and begins detox process through emotions, thereby cleansing the body from toxins and toxicity build up.

Complete detox begins and continues for the following few days.

The benefits of Acudetox is extensive and the following is just a few:

• Improvement in mental clarity and mind chaos

• Healing of mental and physical illnesses

• Increased energy and wellbeing

• Individual awareness and empowerment of self

• Detoxification

• Treatment and cure of ADHD

• Treatment and cure of Addictions

And so much much more.

Breathe Easy Programme:

This is a therapy which uses guided visual therapy, colour therapy and sound therapy, all focusing on breathing.

So many people do not know how to breathe correctly and this therapy brings a rage of benefits:

• Reducing stress

• Reducing mind chaos

• Increase in focus and concentration

• Relaxation

• Improves BREATHING

• Can be done anywhere

We are BEings and should BE living BElieving in ourselves!

B.reathe E.asy is about learning to BE!

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Breathe Easy Programme & Acudetox
The Breathing Space
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