FREE 6 Weeks Training for Hikers - 25th March

Wed Mar 25, 17:30 - Wed Apr 29, 17:30


Free 6 Week Training Program for Hikers

Don't let your current condition define your adventures. Instead, acknowledge where you are, decide where you want to be, and work to bridge the gap between the two.

It's important to work exercise into your daily life, but if you're like me and don’t like to hit the gym or go running, then join us every Wednesday for our 6 week training program starting 25th March!

COST : FREE - EVERY WEDNESDAY - FOR 6 WEEKS - Start 25th March to 29th April

VENUE : Lewende Woord Church, Corner Adam Tas Street & Lyttleton Road, Clubview, Centurion (Behind Pepper Chair & BP Garage)

TIMES : Wednesdays ONLY - 17:30 - 18:15

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Indemnity: By buying a ticket you accept you indemnify START HIKING TODAY and the HIKE LEADERS against any claim which you or your family or our VENUE OWNERS may have in respect of any loss,damage or personal injury, death, medical or hospital expenses, or any other liability of any nature whatsoever which may be caused by or arise out of the activities of the Club, irrespective of whether such accident,damage, expenses or other losses or injury is caused by negligence or any act or omission on the part of members of the Club. You further agree to abide by the Constitution as well as the Rules and Regulations of the START HIKING TODAY.


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