SkillX:Learn to build an ANDROID APP from ZERO

Thu Apr 30, 16:00 - Thu Apr 30, 19:30


Learn to build your own Android App.

This session is aimed at helping you get started from the ground up. To get the most value out of this session, we recommend you do the following:

1.Join free online prep sessions prior to the event.

2. Read material sent to you prior to the session.

3. Use resources available online such as YOUTUBE to start understanding the basics of programming in JAVA.

4. Download and install Android Studio on the laptop you will be using on the day.


WI-FI will be available but in case of load-shedding, please bring the following:

  • A fully charged laptop with Android Studio installed and working
  • Data on your phone or other device that your laptop can connect to as a backup
  • You need to have prepared by understanding the basics of JAVA (Start now. If you are struggling reach out to us).

Public Transport: The location is less than 1km away from a gautrain bus station. For R30, you also have the option to pay for a shuttle and travel with other members to and from Rosebank Gautrain Station. To book the shuttle please add during your ticket purchase.

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