Convivium Winter Lunch

Sun Aug 30, 11:30 - Sun Aug 30, 15:00
Park inside Biscuit Mill and follow the signs


Building on the success of the inaugural Convivium, the hosts are looking to up their game for the next chapter. To do this, Convivum will be grown into a two day event, with workshops, lectures and demonstrations taking place on the Saturday. The feast will remain a Sunday event. Expect the same jaw-dropping venue. Expect the same inspirational chefs. Expect the same quality of produce. Expect the same memorable wine. Expect the same hangover. But expect it all to be better. In order to improve the industry as a whole, we believe we need the extra day. That’s the day where ideas will be swapped, lessons will be traded and the true idea of collaboration cemented. 
There is a catch though. 
We need money. 
And what do we do when we need money? We get some of South Africa’s best chefs to cook a Sunday lunch for the luckiest guests in the country. And we charge for it. Let’s be clear though: every cent will be used to fund the next event. The chefs are doing this free of charge and all the produce has been generously donated. 
Interested? Thought so. 
Date: Sunday, August 30th. 
Time: 11:30 
Venue: The Biscuit Mill, Cape Town. 
Cost: R2,500.00
Participating chefs:
Luke Dale-Roberts, Wes Randles, PJ Vadas, Margot Janse, Liam Tomlin, George Jardine, Bertus Basson, Neil Jewell, Franck Dangereux. 


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