Makeup Masterclass

Sat Apr 4, 14:00 - Sat Apr 4, 19:00
Mendola Luxury Events Venue & Accommodation


The Makeup Masterclass, brought to you by Midlands Masterclass, offers an in-depth class on Soft Glam , Full Glam, Brow Perfection and more. This class also offers a Q&A session as well as one-on-one, hands-on guidance by our makeup artist during the practicals session.

Included in your fee is an appetizer on arrival followed by a mouth-watering meal with dessert after your class. Each guest will receive a Swag Bag with makeup, vouchers, prizes and more.

Photography on an occasion like this is a must, so come prepared for fun photoshoots before, during and after the class.

What to bring:

  • Whilst we will provide some makeup for use during the class, it is impossible to have a perfectly suited foundation, (for example), available for each guest, therefore, to enjoy the full benefit of the class, please bring your existing makeup kit.
  • A writing pad and pen is optional.
  • “A blank canvas...has unlimited possibilities.” - Stephanie Perkins, Isla and the Happily Ever After . We suggest you arrive without any makeup on your face; let your face be the blank canvas.








Makeup Masterclass
Mendola Luxury Events Venue & Accommodation
Hilton College Rd, Cedara, Hilton
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