Pop Up Art & Wine Experiance

Sun Mar 29, 14:00 - Sun Mar 29, 18:00
Highgate Wine Estate


{ Aesthete

  \ es-thet \


  a person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty.

  "Aesthetes tend to gather at Art Exhibitions at The Knoll" }

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"Highgate Wine Estate and The Aesthete bring you the Pop-Up Art and Wine Experience on 29 March. The Aesthete will be bringing some of KZN's most accomplished artists to exhibit at a pop-up gallery in Highgate Wine Estate. Not only will there be a passive art exhibition for your viewing pleasure, there too will be active art in the form of an immersive art station, where guests will be invited to unleash their creativity with a still-life set up in the charming Wine Cellar; art materials supplied. And as if that isn't enough to tantalise your imagination, The Bonwa Dance Company will be doing an art-inspired contemporary movement piece different to any other you've experienced! Nestled in the aesthetic setting of a gorgeous wine estate in KZN Midlands, which is one of only three wine estate in KZN and irresistible cuisine on offer; it'll be the perfect event to let your creative juices flow!" 


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