Mentorship 101 with Nomazibulo Tshanga

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Profound Conference Centre


Navigating corporate culture can be challenging. Let’s be honest, many try to climb the corporate ladder but only a few succeed. What sets those apart? What causes others to fail? We all want the same things, that seat at the table and that voice that is heard and respected in the boardroom, that corner office. It doesn’t come easy, but anyone can get there. Planning your career becomes crucial, being intentional about where and how you want to contribute in your organization becomes imperative. Your IQ can get your foot at any organization, however only your EQ can get you promoted and seat at the right table. Join us as we explore how to navigate corporate in challenging times and practical steps on how you can SERVE THEM YOUR EQ!

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Mentorship 101 with Nomazibulo Tshanga
Profound Conference Centre
181 Corlett Dr, Bramley, Johannesburg, 2018
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