What The Freelance - the Mini MBA for independent professionals by Spillly

Mon Aug 17, 09:00 - Fri Aug 21, 11:00
In the comfort of your own home (Zoom Call)


We’re currently facing a large-scale population behavioural change. You and I are burnt out and our value set being challenged to change. The why ‘n way in which we work has been changing over the past few years but within 30 days became out-dated and in some instances, obsolete. The trusted rules of employment and communication have been turned upside down forcing a decentralised model of commerce with freelancers and independent professionals becoming more and more prolific.

Join Spillly in a workshop learning and discussing all this and more!

The workshop is run over 5 days (17, 18, 19, 20 and 21st August from 09:00-11:00am) , each day consisting of a 2-hour session, facilitated by Spillly, via Zoom.

For your hard earned money, you get:

  • A highly engaging freelance course consisting of 5 modules spanning 10 hours of content and roughly 2 hours of practical strategic work to be done by you!
  • 15 Worksheets and templates that are yours to download and use as the practical tool to jump-start your independence.
  • The motivation and inspiration to start again.
  • A soft copy of the WTF book [Valued at R280].
  • One week free membership at Perch Flexible Offices in Johannesburg or The Sett in Durban to be used during the course [Valued at R1000].

Who is Spillly you ask? Well, Brent Spilkin, affectionately called “Spillly with 3 Ls” has spent the last 20 odd years discovering what makes him happy besides architecture, driving ambulances, pickling mango achaar, distribution and redeveloping the inner city. He now gets his kicks from growing talented creative individuals in their businesses around the world by putting them through his Business Coaching methodology.

To find out more visit www.whatthefreelance.com

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