Sourdough Bread Making: Principles And Tips From A Master

Sat Apr 4, 10:00 - Sat Apr 4, 13:00
Founder Foods


Learn the ancient art of Sourdough bread making from Durban's resident expert! Let master baker and chef Adam Robinson of The Glenwood Bakery take you through the principles, tips and tricks to making perfect sourdough breads for any occasion!


  • The fermentation process, particularly bacterial fermentation
  • Background and content on gluten from a culinary perspective
  • The bakery and factory mechanics, briefly
  • Folding doughs (no need for kneading, more explained on the day)
  • Principles of the art of shaping loaves


Adam takes great joy in describing himself as the old man that has spent the last 40 years pre-occupied with food, taste and the mechanics of cooking. Through the years Adam has successfully owned 3 restaurants, an outside catering and location catering company in London and host of other admirable endeavors!

Retired to South Africa in 2003, he now owns The Glenwood Bakery and Restaurant in Durban. The first bakery he has ever had, though he's been baking bread in restaurants since the early 90's.

A jokester who admits "I hate teaching and if not cooking would rather spend my time in my house playing the piano, reading, gardening and drinking. But the world needs more good bread ..."

A father of four grown up children and 2 grand kids. Whether your love is bread or family, Adam is a treat to be around!


Founder Foods is a dedicated Whole Foods Store based at 2 Village Road in Kloof. This store offers quality whole foods as direct from producers as possible, with as little preservatives or processing as possible. Most of their range is on a pay by weight system allowing customers to scoop, pour and weigh as little or as much as you need. Experiment with new and interesting whole foods and recipes without having to commit to buying large quantities.

The range of foods includes a huge variety of ancient grains, dried beans and pulses, baking ingredients, nuts, dried fruits, oils and vinegars, herbs, spices and whole food snacks,  free roaming chicken eggs, premium cream farm milk as well as preservative free live cultures yoghurts and cheeses - a treasure for chefs, foodies, vegans, vegetarians or those with dietary requirements. With whole food recipes on display throughout the store and recipe collection cards for sale, Founder Food aims to inspire a food culture that nurtures our health, our families, communities and the environment. The store really is an outstanding model of an innovative and modern shopping experience -well worth a visit.

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Sourdough Bread Making: Principles And Tips From A Master
Founder Foods
2 Village Rd, Kloof, 3640
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