FFMM Steak Night - Durbanville

Thu Apr 2, 18:00 - Thu Apr 2, 21:00
FFMM Durbanville


So. You love steak. You love cooking steak. You love eating steak. But would you be able to find your favourite steak on a carcass? Would you know where a ribeye sits, compared to a sirloin? Do you know denver steaks and flatiron steaks and merlot steaks?

If you know all of these things already, good for you. Please send us your CV. If you don't know - but you'd like to - you're in luck. We are hosting our first event dedicated entirely to steak. We'll explore our philosophies towards the farmers we source from. We'll explain why it's important to eat as many different steaks on a carcass as possible. If you'e up for it, we'd even like to invite you to slice a chuck eye, or seam out a rump cap for Picanha.

After the demo, we'll do the obvious thing and sit down to enjoy a bunch of different steaks. There will be wine. There will be loads of side dishes. There will be general revelry.

R650 gets you the demo plus all food. There will be a cash bar available, with Khayelitsha's Finest Wines offering a free wine tasting on the night.


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