Smartschool Academy Year end Formal Function

Fri Oct 16, 15:00 - Fri Oct 16, 23:00
To be Confirmed


We have decided on the theme “Moon Rocket” because of the endless possibilities it inspires. Once the moon was a place of unknown entities and wonder only visible to the eye of men, something left unconquered. This motivated and inspired man to aspire future plans towards exploring and conquering the moon. We strive to set a goal for our learners to follow their own aspired dreams, with our guidance throughout this journey. Motivating and celebrating each learner’s success and greatness, because together we can empower our children by investing in their future. We can turn their Cs and Dc into As and Bs at Smartschool Academy.

The Idea behind this endeavor: 

  1. Hosting Smartschool Academy’s prize giving. The competition for the most improved student winner will be announced. As well as additional sponsorship prizes and performance rewards. Cash prize of R5000 for most improved student will be awarded 
  2. Hosting Emodels year end function. The models will form part of the entertainment throughout the evening. Having the opportunity to inspire and motivate unity and self beauty. Presenting the models with an ultimate goal to work towards in 2020. The event will also be their year end price giving.


Striving for our companies to be seen in an elite class, where end results are envied and desired by potential customers.


Smartschool Academy is not just celebrating a decade of empowering learners with educational resources, but also growth as a business in Bloemfontein. We want to create an elite community for our customers as well as other companies who are interested in joining hands with us. Our biggest desire is to enhance the educational system within Bloemfontein and other provinces where we are establishing Franchises. As a company with family values, we believe that by joining hands with other companies, we will be able to help our city’s children. 

In 2020 for the first time in 10 years, Smartschool will be hosting a year end function to reward our achievers. 

This document is a layout of our overall idea and plan for the function. We will be combining the learners’ success and talents with entertainment from other successful companies. Get ready for a night of celebration and reflecting on a year of achieving our goals and reaching for the stars.

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